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About the Calls
W.M.L. Custom Game Calls

W.M.L Custom Calls are hand made, hand tuned and made one at a time to insure you are getting a truly one of a kind custom call

A bicycle; Actual size=300 pixels wide

W.M.L. Custom Game Calls have a lifetime warranty, Guaranteed if you ever have a problem with your call, I will do whatever it takes to make you happy.
W.M.L. calls are hunting calls not competition calls, Mac does not make competition calls. His trophys are won in the blind. Although W.M.L. calls would be right at home in contest calling, Mac feels that if you blow your call like your trying to impress judges then your not calling all the ducks you could be. Contest calling and calling ducks are two different things.
W.M.L. Calls are very easy to blow. Not taking alot of air pressure to make the call sound. From the loudest hail call to the lowest feed call and close in work this call will make a full range of duck sounds.
W.M.L. Calls are made one at a time by Mac and no one else, Mac does not believe in having someone else make his calls. He does not believe in the assembly line method, because in that line it is hard to keep quality in the calls. Mac does not use any mass produced parts for his calls. He feels that massed produced errors are just that, massed produced.
Mac starts with blocks of hand selected blocks of wood turning them down to the shape he wants, then he sands until the wood has a smooth finish, then getting 3 coats of lacqure or 3 coats of hand rub oil depending on the individuals needs.




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