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About W.M.L. Custom Calls
W.M.L. Custom Game Calls


I would like to thank you for visiting W.M.L Custom Game Calls Web site, I invite you to take a look at what we have to offer, from great hunting pics to some of the best custom calls you can find.
W.M.L. Custom Calls are made from some of the finest hand selected woods that can be found, They are hand made, hand tuned, and built one at a time to insure excellence in each call.

What Makes a good call

I believe what makes W.M.L Custom Calls such a fine duck call is the time and attention that goes into each one. All calls are made by hand, no tracing jigs. And each call is made one at a time, no assembly line fashion.
All calls are made by Mac, No factory made parts go into these calls. Mac's feelings are, that he will give each block of wood a chance to become a call, But as in Labs, some become hunters an some just don't have what it takes. If a call does not turn out to Mac's expectations it goes in the trash.



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W.M.L. Custom Game Calls was established in 1999, By Mac Lassiter of Greenbrier, Tn. Starting out in a small shed in his back yard, he moved to his basement and tranformed it into a shop that would better suit his needs. ( See About The Calls for pics of his shop).